The Nottingham MRCOG Course


The Courses

The Nottingham MRCOG Part 2 Course has been running for over 25 years and has an unrivalled national and international reputation and high pass rate. Both 2012 gold medal winners attended our course. Our course uses internationally renowned speakers, a gold medal winning lecturer, and college examiners throughout the week. Prior to, and during the course, we will give you a minimum of 120 EMQ's and 200 SBAs, with feedback and examination technique tips. There will be a full mock exam with review at the end of the course. The course also includes greentop guideline discussion, lectures and small group teaching. For most courses we are pleased to be able to offer an Early Booking Discount to those whose application is received in time. For details please see the Course Calendar on the next page. We have on-site accommodation at approximately £35.00 per night, and access to cheap and easy parking.

Currently we offer the following courses:

MRCOG Part 2 Theory

The main MRCOG Part 2 course runs from a Saturday through to the following Friday. It has a varied format to stimulate continued learning. There are conventional lectures, small group interactive tutorials, mock SBAs and EMQs. At the end of the week there will be a full mock exam with review. Candidates are asked to prepare a Green Top Guideline for a ten minute presentation to a small group prior to arrival. The Guideline and proforma are sent out in advance by post. 40 places available.

The Generic Skills Course

Immediately preceding each theory course (on a Friday) is a one-day session on aspects of practice in the UK. This is open to all, but is particularly useful for overseas candidates and covers aspects of Clinical Governance and risk management in the UK. The basis of Clinical Audit is also discussed as is how to perform a critique of scientific papers and patient information. 20 places available.

MRCOG part II OSCE Weekend Courses

These two day courses run immediately after each theory course and also after the publication of the proceed list by the RCOG. The former course is largely for overseas candidates. The latter course is set up for those working in the UK who know they have proceeded to the OSCE phase of the examination. This course includes 3 full OSCE circuits done under exam-like conditions with full one-to-one feedback. 20 places available.

Mock Exam Practice

The mock exam takes place on the final Friday of the theory course. This includes two three hour SBA/EMQ papers with full review. This is available as a one day course for those who just wish to gain some exam practice or who find study leave difficult to obtain.


On the next page you will find our Course Calendar for all of our upcoming courses. Against each you will find an indication of the number of places available. To book a place on one of our courses or for further information please contact our Course Administrator Miss Helen Mattlock on +44 (0)115 8231896 or e-mail.